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Third Largest Coal Ash Spill in U.S. History

Early last month 39,000 gallons of coal ash spilled out of a storage pond at a Duke Energy facility located on the banks of the Dan River. The result is that 70 miles of river bottom has been coated with … Continue reading

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In the Arctic, it hasn’t been this hot in 44,000 years!

In the early Holocene period, our current geological period beginning around 11,700 years ago, approximately 9% more energy from the sun struck the Arctic region, causing a peak in the natural cycle of Earth’s temperatures. Today, as shown in a … Continue reading

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Did City Government Roll Dice On Cleanup?

Did Baltimore and the state of Maryland improperly approve cleanup of the location upon which a casino will be built?  At least until that question is answered, a Baltimore Circuit Court judge has stopped this project’s construction.  Westport residents (south … Continue reading

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Chesapeake Bay Watershed Contamination Affecting Yellow Perch?

A three-year study has uncovered developmental issues in a bird called the yellow perch. The yellow perch inhabit several waterways in Maryland, which share a degree “of development along their banks” in common. The report details changes to the reproductive … Continue reading

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Lawmakers Debate Garrett County Wind Project

The complexity surrounding environmental issues hangs over key debates among Maryland lawmakers this year.  The Baltimore Sun examines the advantages and drawbacks surrounding a new wind project in Garrett County.  The project would bring much-needed revenue to the county, for … Continue reading

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New Bill Would Mandate Residential Utility Usage Reporting

According to the Energy Information Administration, around 40% of home energy use in 2009 was related to heating and cooling, and heating and cooling have to do with the energy efficiency of the home. Several states (New York, Maine, Alaska) … Continue reading

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New Rules Streamline Renewable Energy Permitting Process on Tribal Lands

On Tuesday, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazaar announced the most significant changes ( in federal management of Indian lands in 50 years. These new rules seek to improve what has been seen as an extremely cumbersome Bureau of Indian … Continue reading

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