Lawmakers Debate Garrett County Wind Project

The complexity surrounding environmental issues hangs over key debates among Maryland lawmakers this year.  The Baltimore Sun examines the advantages and drawbacks surrounding a new wind project in Garrett County.  The project would bring much-needed revenue to the county, for example, its school budget, said the Synergics’ president, Wayne Rogers.  Moreover, the project delivers on the call for more power from renewable energy sources, which Maryland law is pushing.  That said, others have raised concerns about erosion and pollution problems, both of which the state’s first two wind projects caused.  A wildlife biologist noted that runoff from rock and dirt could spill into the Savage River, for example.  Scientists from the state have also encouraged that lawmakers consider the endangered species that could be affected by such a project, namely rare bats.  Finally, a unique element of this debate concerns time.  Those opposed to the project push for more scrutiny, while the leading company, Synergics, is striving to complete the project before the end of the year, motivated in part by a federal tax credit for renewable energy projects.  With so many stakeholders involved, this project will no doubt continue to spark much debate.

Read the Sun article here

– Christopher Chaulk

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