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New Rules Streamline Renewable Energy Permitting Process on Tribal Lands

On Tuesday, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazaar announced the most significant changes ( in federal management of Indian lands in 50 years. These new rules seek to improve what has been seen as an extremely cumbersome Bureau of Indian … Continue reading

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After Hurricane Sandy Do We Need to (Finally) Rethink Our Water Supply?

Having easy access to Earth’s most vital resource is something that many people take for granted. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the water supply was one of the few services that remained largely intact and was thus ignored. Many … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy has garnered attention worldwide. The hurricane’s impact devastated the Northeast of the United States with unprecedented strength. However, some of the damage is easily overlooked in comparison to the number of homes without power, schools closed or public … Continue reading

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Effects of Hurricane Sandy

As New York and New Jersey continue to recover from the Superstorm Sandy’s devastation, focus is shifting to ensuring that the right lessons are learned. The elephant that Sandy let back in the room, of course, is climate change. Man-made … Continue reading

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Virginia Tries to Circumvent Obama on Drilling

Virginia is the new epicenter of a campaign by energy companies to gain a toehold in the potentially vast resources of natural gas and oil hidden beneath the Atlantic. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management estimates that there are 3.3 billion … Continue reading

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Politicians Transcend Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy devastated the Atlantic coastline. And yet it also presented an opportunity for both Democratic and Republican leaders to work together and support affected, struggling citizens, especially in the New Jersey – New York area. Particularly, President Barack Obama and New Jersey … Continue reading

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Chasing Ice Documentary

The E Street Cinema in D.C. will be showing the documentary “Chasing Ice” November 16-22.  The documentary portrays an environmental photographer’s journey through the Arctic to record the dramatic disappearance of glaciers. – Emma Currin

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